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Metascore: 81 | Official Page | Lead Game & Level Designer
Labyrinth City : Pierre the Maze Detective is a 2D puzzle video game in which you play Pierre, an eminent Maze detective.

Labyrinthe City is adapted from the bestselling book: Pierre the maze detective.

You will have to find your way through the immense labyrinths of Opera City to catch Mr. X, an infamous thief who stole the Maze Stone. ​Take a trip through a fantastic world of amazing cities, tree-top towns and haunted houses.

During your adventure, you can explore each level to find all the collectibles, solve the mini-games and talk to all the characters to discover their story. Designed to be played by the whole family, trace your way through each maze, spot the clues and solve the extra mystery challenges along the way.

WINNER - Visual Design Award - Indicade 2020
" The developers of Labyrinth City have managed to pull off the seemingly impossible: to make maze games fun to play! This beautifully rendered and animated game, based on the Pierre the Maze Detective book series, brings the “where’s waldo”-style gameplay to life with a huge amount of triggered and surprising events along the way. This makes finding dead ends worthwhile, as every character, monster, or item has a story to tell, and one that elevates the entire experience of playing this game to so much more than just a maze."
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