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What is Matter?
You are something and you are are arriving fast somewhere. As a first person player, you discover a strange world filled with rocks and platforms.

There's one path to follow, jumping on platforms or shifting from flying bubbles. It will reveal the weird beauty of this world, a dynamic and expressive place to be. While you progress, the world changes, it becomes more lively. It's an allegory of life creation.

The team behind this game, Concrete Games, wanted to express the creation of matter. And above all, they wanted the player to live a sensational experience : where every actions can lead to feelings, where something as simple as landing result in beauty.

The game was made in three months with four people on the project. And that was really close!

  • Half an hour of titillating adventure
  • Pleasurable and mellow platforming
  • Disorienting and exotic landscapes
  • Relaxing, dynamic and disturbing soundtrack
  • No violence
  • No frustration
  • No competition
  • Just pleasure!