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Overall Score: 3.70 (#68) | Official Page | Game & Level Designer
Theme : Minimalism.

The Flood is over and Noah's Ark got stranded. Something's wrong with the animals though.
They lie in pieces all over the place, and the assembly manual got lost. Maybe using it as toilet paper wasn't such a good idea after all.

You'll have to reconstruct proper animals before The Almighty notices. Resources are sparse, so the fewer pieces per animal the better. Time for some minianimalism!

Try to pass the test runs to make sure your creations can live on their own. The spare pieces will be a good fit for tasty barbecues.

CanardPC talked about it.

- Huitre: art
- Hadesfury: code
- Lorancou (Laurent Couvidou): code
- Paul Vaillé: game design
- Leo Noel: additional game design
- Bruno Jarles: audio
- Romain Coudert: audio