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Theme : Grow.

You are an electronic cell, you need to grow, you need to expand, and finally, to kill your opponent.
– Data Farmers will collect « data » to feed you
– Firewall will protect your Data Farmers and expand
– DDoS Attack will go to destroy ennemies

You don’t choose where your units goes, they can decide by themselves!

But you still can influence their decisions by aiming their spawn position.

- Paul Vaillé [6th ludum]: Developer / Game Designer / Level Designer
- Léo Noël [5th Ludum]: Game Designer / Level Designer / Sound Designer
- Aurélien David [3rd Ludum]: Developper / Game Designer
- Arnaud Chaté [2nd Ludum]: Game Art (2D)
- Sylvain NGuyen [1st Ludum]: Game Art (3D)
- Sybil Collas [1st Ludum]: Writing