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Metascore: 65 | Official Page | Author, Game & Level Designer
Wondershot is a local multiplayer battle arena!

You have only one ammo and one life to defeat your opponent. Each round, your weapon changes and the map does too.

No luck, just skill !

A brawl multiplayer & solo game from Ludum Dare to PS4, Xbox One and Steam, as an Indie.

This project is splitted in two parts: we started it at home, with a team made of my roommates and me. Then Leikir Studio contacted us to develop it to next-gen consoles. So started the second part of the development, at Leikir Studio's.

During the first part I was Game Designer AND programer. This role gives a lot of responsability in task priorizing and micro-level polish. Then with Leikir Studio, I was mainly Game Designer (find new patterns, in charge of new game modes, feedback concept) and I integrated in Unity the arts, code bricks and feedbacks. So all along the project I had the chance to have control on the marco and micro-level of the game. The intermediary part (such as Level Design), was left for my friends and coworkers.
But we all were collaborating (and arguing sometimes) about the whole Game & Level Design.